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What’s better than helping to bring a child into the world? Our midwives are dedicated to helping their patients and making the experience as magical as it should be along with supporting patients through harder times. If you are an experienced midwife, get in touch today. Alternatively, please apply and register HERE, or browse the latest midwife jobs HERE.

Key performance indicators

  1. Responsible for maintaining active status with the NMC Register
  2. Act always in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct and guiding documents
  3. Adhere to the host trusts’ policy and procedures
  4. Responsible for maintaining compliance in accordance with Bluestones Medical guidelines
  5. Responsible for assurance of appropriate indemnity insurance
  6. Maintain a professional portfolio with evidence of learning and clinical hours in accordance with NMC Revalidation
  7. Responsible for reporting any patient safety concerns to Bluestones Medical Compliance & RGN Manager
  8. Comply with infection prevention control policies and procedures at all times
  9. It is the nurses’ responsibility to ensure that prior to commencing a clinical shift in a new environment the checklist provided is completed
  10. To report any clinical incident via the correct route according to clinical area in addition to reporting to Bluestones Medical Compliance & RGN Manager

Key responsibilities

A midwife is responsible for their own practice and therefore the post holder will be expected to maintain a high standard of professional expertise and to ensure that the highest standard of midwifery care is given during the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods.

  1. Provide antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care to a defined group of women, babies and their families in the hospital and community setting
  2. Cooperate and liaise with all members of staff, the primary health care team, the medical and midwifery staff in the unit to endeavour to foster team spirit and ensure continuity of care
  3. Collect, collate and report information as required whilst maintaining accurate patient records
  4. Work collaboratively with other Health Care Professionals and agencies to ensure that patient needs are met specifically in relation to ongoing care needs, transfer and discharge
  5. Establish and maintain effective communication with patients and carers/relatives where appropriate
  6. Assess care needs and develop, implement and evaluate programs of care for mothers and babies in the antenatal, intrapartum and post-natal periods to ensure care is evidence-based
  7. Provide information to expectant mother to enable her to make an informed choice about the place and mode of delivery and services available if applicable
  8. Recognize and respond accordingly to urgent and emergency situations
  9. Monitor and maintain health, safety and security of self and others
  10. Develop own skills and competencies. Ensure that the clinical area assigned to is within personal skill set and that local guidelines are adhered to
  11. Ensure compliance with policies, standard operating procedures and clinical guidelines for self and others
  12. Be committed to and adhere to monitoring standards of care
  13. Ensure your daily practice fulfills your professional roles advocate and accountability
  14. To respect the customs, values and spiritual belief of all patients and to maintain dignity at all times
  15. Safely administer prescribed medications and monitor their effects (within trust protocol for temporary staff)
  16. Ensure competency and safe maintenance of all medical devices within the sphere of responsibility and local guidelines
  17. To report and accidents/incidents in accordance with trust policy
  18. To ensure that the Bluestones Medical workers handbook and terms and conditions are adhered to when working as an advocate of Bluestones Medical
  19. Flexible attitude with a positive approach to change

To enable temporary workers to complete clinical shifts, Registered Midwives must be able to provide evidence of:


  1. Midwifery qualification
  2. Additional qualifications in specified areas as required
  3. Evidence of continued learning
  4. DBS Clearance/update service


  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Knowledge of importance of quality of care and changes in practice
  3. Ability to work in differing areas as required
  4. Proven clinical expertise
  5. Mandatory training in date as per protocol
  6. 6-month post qualification experience in a clinical setting
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