Register your interest: transitioning into Community Nursing

We have recently received feedback from some of our Medical Marvels about wanting to transition from wards into the community. However, they were unsure if this was something we could support them with and whether they have the transferable skills to allow them to make the transition.

The answer we gave was ‘YES’ this is absolutely something we can support you with and facilitate.

Community and District Nursing teams are key to delivering care, in or close to people’s homes. This in turn plays a key role in reducing the ever-increasing pressures on NHS Trusts by cutting down on admissions, enabling quick discharges, and, vitally, freeing up beds.

Why should you transition into the community?

  • Flexible shift times to fit around childcare; 8.30am/9am starts and 5pm finishes Monday to Sunday with out-of-hours and night shifts available
  • More variety in workplaces and patients, from working with elderly patients in their own homes, to patients in a GP practice
  • Developing new skills and knowledge
  • You can build a direct relationship and rapport with patients, offering more individual and focused care
  • Observe the direct difference you make with the support, care, and expertise you provide
  • Increased autonomy and empowerment but with a professional support structure in place

What do you need?

If you are an experienced RGN, you probably have the skill set required to transfer into the community, but here is a good starting point for you:

  • Adaptability and organization: Working in different settings, with different patients that have a wide variety of illnesses
  • Comfortable working alone: To carry out assessments, and rely on your own skillset
  • Experienced in: A mix of; Palliative/End of Life Care, Eye Care, Ear Irrigation, ROS/RO Clips, Wound Care, Suprapubic Catheterisation, Male and Female Catheterisation, Chest Drains, Compression Bandaging, IM/SC Injections, Fracture Pin Sites (Aseptic non-touch techniques), Cough Assist Machines, Stoma Care, Acute/Chronic Care, Complex Care (Motor Neurone, Multiple Sclerosis, Learning Disabilities), COPD (02 Administration/Nebulisers), Syringe Drivers, Cannulation and Venepuncture

How can Bluestones Medical support you?

We’re privileged to work with a range of different Trusts and District Nursing teams around the North West covering the below areas:

  • St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington
  • Ormskirk, Southport, Skelmersdale, Burscough, and Tarleton
  • Pemberton, Atherley, Hindley, Wigan, and Leigh
  • Liverpool and surrounding areas
  • Preston and Blackburn
  • Shrewsbury, Telford, Market Drayton, and Oswestry

We would ensure that you are fully supported throughout the transition and beyond. We have our in-house clinical team on hand to offer you first-hand advice and we can even put you in touch with other members of our Community Nursing team so you can get a feel for what it’s like.

If you would be interested in pursuing a position within the community, we can work with the Trust to assist with shadowing and training and this is something we have successfully managed with our Nurses before.

Interested to know more? Simply fill out the short form below and Niall will be in touch to have a quick chat with you about the next steps.

You can also contact Niall on:

M: 07881 935 655

Register your interest: transitioning into the community

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