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Sirenum is one of the world’s leading staffing software providers and the platform that has been chosen by the Bluestones Medical team to help manage, communicate with and coordinate our temporary workers as they’re placed on assignments throughout the UK.

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The app allows for remote access to features directly from your phone, such as:

  • Confirming, starting and ending your shift
  • Viewing your future and past shifts
  • Viewing your historical gross pay information
  • Requesting time off, or pointing out availability

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The Sirenum app
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Frequently asked questions

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Usernames and passwords

Username: the app needs the email you signed up with at the time you registered with us.

Passwords: if you have trouble logging in to your app, select ‘Forgot Password’ and enter in the required details. A password reset link will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions and log into the app.

Changing your password

It is possible to change your password within the Sirenum app.

Go to the Main Menu and press CHANGE PASSWORD.

Enter in your current password followed by your new, desired password.

Accept or decline work

When reviewing your shifts, you can choose whether to ACCEPT or DECLINE offers of work with a single tap.

Select the Shift to see the full details and Accept or Decline the shift.

Calendar view


You can see all the shifts you’ve agreed to work in a calendar style. Each SHIFT shows as a GREEN box.

Tap on any GREEN box to see:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location


Keep your availability updated so that you receive regular work offers

Job offers

Available to Work?

From time to time you will be offered opportunities.

These will appear in Job Offers in MySirenum.

Review the shift details and either accept or decline the offering.

If you accept and the positions hasn’t been filled the shift will be assigned to you.

Settings & personalisation

Personalise your app

From the SETTINGS tab you can:

  • Enable reminders for START and END shifts
  • Set the Calendar View as Default
  • Enable sound notifications

Other items too…

Where to get the Sirenum app

You can download the Sirenum app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Available languages

The Sirenum app is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish


Tell us when you are AVAILABLE:

Click a square on the calendar once and it will turn GREEN. This shows you as available.

Tell us when you are UNAVAILABLE:

Click a square TWICE and it will turn RED. This shows you as unavailable.

To change the above click the square a THIRD time and it will change back to a blank square.

Once completed press SAVE and this will update your consultant.

Your work schedule


Click SHIFTS from the left-hand side menu.

This gives you details of all shifts you have AGREED to for current and future weeks.


You can navigate through previous and future weeks by pressing the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen.

Managing your shifts


Scroll down to see a range of options, including:

  • Navigate
  • Sign for your shift
  • Capture a photo

By selecting ‘Navigate’ you see the exact map location of the selected shift.


Use NAVIGATE to see the SHIFT LOCATION, choose your preferred transport method and receive route information.

You’ll also see an estimated arrival time from your current location

Holiday requests

Click ‘Holiday Requests’ from the menu on the left hand side.

This will ask you for a start date, start time, end date, and end time.

For more information

Visit: (from Bluestones Medical) (from the app developers)

Ready to learn more about the Sirenum app?

Take this free course to learn everything about the Sirenum app, from how to install it and log in, to managing shifts and accepting job offers.

Note that the ‘start course’ link will take you to the full Sirenum course on an external website. 

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