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We were extremely privileged to have been joined by a gentleman named Dennis Holman. Dennis’ wife, Jan, was in the Hospice last year and very sadly passed away. Since her passing, Dennis has been doing lots of work to promote the Hospice. This includes speaking about his experience of being in the Hospice and all the incredible work that they do.

He is also passionate about keeping the memory of his beloved wife alive. It was lovely for us to hear everything about her and the person she was. You may have seen in the news last year that whilst in the Hospice, one of Jan’s requests was to see her much loved pets one last time. Before you knew it, the Hospice facilitated that Jan’s horse, Bob, and two dogs, Monty and Roley, could come in and say goodbye. This is a testament to the incredible work that the Hospice does. You can read the full story and watch Dennis’ interview with ITV News HERE.

hospice of the good shepherd

Easter-themed bake-off

Whilst we had our guests of honour, Dennis, and also Justin from the Hospice of the Good Shepherd’s fundraising team with us, we asked if they would be so kind as to be judges in our Easter bake-off competition. The teams within Bluestones Medical came head-to-head and produced their showstoppers in front of the judging panel. This also included our Managing Director, Darren Logue, who was most definitely the Simon Cowell of the panel.

It was a close call, but the winner was Michael Chan and his cheesecake-filled Easter eggs. They were simply delicious. However, not all entries were quite as successful, with the taste of one person’s lemon cake being described as ‘licking the back of a burnt oven’. The day also consisted of a bake sale and a raffle, with several of our Marvels winning prizes too! The day was a huge success, and we raised an amazing £652.50 for the Hospice which we are delighted about.

A great cause

There were also a few people who rolled out of the office thanks to consuming a considerable amount of cake, brownies, and other sweet treats. Hearing Dennis speak about his experience and how the Hospice has supported him even after Jan’s passing was extremely moving for the team here at Bluestones Medical to hear. He says that it is because of the Hospice and the emotional support they have given him that he is able to have the strength to tell his story and ensure that Jan’s memory lives on.

Moreover, it hit home just how important it is for us to continue our fundraising efforts, especially because 75% of the required funds to run the Hospice must come through fundraising alone.

So, watch this space for more Bluestones Medical charity events, and thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

Every little helps

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