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Tax Myth FAQ's

Get answers from our experts on all things tax!

There’s always misleading information out there about what you should do when paying tax, submitting timesheets and changing tax codes, so we decided to create a myth FAQ page.  

This page is dedicated to answering the most common queries around what you should where tax is concerned.  If there isn’t a question on here you want answering, don’t worry, you can request a call back and someone will be in touch to discuss your questions.

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Q – Should I spread out my timesheets to reduce paying as much tax?

A – Our tax system uses the week ending date of the timesheet for tax purposes, not the week processed.  So, if you hold back timesheets, our system will use the week-ending date of the timesheet for your tax – you will pay the sam tax regardless.


Q – What type of tax codes are there and how do they affect me?

A – You can be on a cumulative or non-cumulative tax code.  Non-cumulative codes can be identifies as having an M1 or X next to your tax code.  Your earning would always be taxed as if you are earning within the first month of the tax year.  On a cumulative code, all overpayments and underpayments of tax will be rectified in ‘real time’ via the payroll.


Q – Where does my tax code come from?

A – Your tax code is given to us as an instruction from HMRC.


Q – Can Bluestones Medical change my tax code?

A – We cannot change a candidates’ tax code without written confirmation of the correct code from HMRC.

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We live and breathe our values here at Bluestones Medical. They help guide every decision we make from the processes we implement to the people we hire. We’re a values-driven business and always will be.


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The Bluestones Medical team

To be the agency that cares for your career, our people need to care for your career. That’s why we ensure every individual who joins the Bluestones Medical team fully understands our values, what we stand for, the industry we operate in, and the importance of caring for our candidates the best we can.  

The Bluestones Medical team has been operating in the healthcare staffing industry for years, so they’re experienced, to say the least. We even have our very own, in-house clinical team to support our candidates with everything from revalidation to mentoring.

Darren Logue

Darren Logue

Managing Director
Jonathon Smith

Jonathon Smith

Business Manager

Natasha Davies

Business Manager

Niall Peaker

Team Manager
Annette Leavy

Annette Leavy

Clinical Manager
Arthur Rhodes

Arthur Rhodes

Clinical Governance Manager
Elise Rogerson

Elise Rogerson

Payroll Manager

Sian Valentine

Compliance Manager
Georgia Bellis

Georgia Bellis

Marketing Executive
Tasmin Withey

Tasmin Burke

HR Manager
Alison Drew

Alison Drew

IT Manager
Justine Dawson

Justine Dawson

Head of Legal

Say hello to our clinical team

One of the reasons why we stand out in the marketplace is because we have our very own, in-house team of clinicians. Annette, Arthur, and Linda are all registered nursing and social care professionals that have almost a century of experience between them. So, whether you need revalidation support, an appraisal, advice, or a chat with someone who has walked in your shoes, you can feel at ease knowing you’re in incredibly safe and knowledgeable hands.

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