Last week, Bluestones Medical Complex Care was awarded our CQC Registration! This registration means that we can demonstrate to our clients and service users that we are providing a service that meets essential standards of quality and safety.

Darren Logue - Managing Director - Bluestones Medical Complex Care

Darren Logue, Managing Director of Bluestones Medical Complex Care said: “It is a privilege for my team and I at Bluestones Medical Complex Care to achieve and be awarded our recent CQC registration.”

“Now that we have this registration, our duty, vocation, and mission are to change and save more lives and raise the standards of care given to those who need us most.”

“Bluestones Medical Complex Care was born out of a passion and hunger to change the standards of care given to those who fail to have a voice in their own care needs. To ensure that the care these individuals receive is person-centred, personalised to their care needs and to enhance their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, for the better.”

“Being CQC registered means Bluestones Medical Complex Care will be audited, inspected, and monitored continuously by the CQC – so that our care is core to their key lines of enquiry framework.”

“Once again – this registration is a privilege for us all at Bluestones Medical Complex Care – as we continue on our mission to save and change as many lives as we can through the highest standards of care.”

Being awarded this registration means that we can accelerate our efforts in supporting our service users to live their best possible life, whilst supporting our Nurses, Support Workers, and Healthcare Assistants to be in a rewarding and fulfilling role.

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