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Welcome to this week’s edition of our newsletter. In this issue, we will delve into the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) recently unveiled definition of nursing. It’s been two decades since the RCN last defined nursing, and during this time, the profession has undergone significant transformations. Join us as we explore the new definition and its implications for the field of nursing.



Topic of the week: Evolution of Nursing

The RCN’s Professional Nursing Committee, in collaboration with its members, fellows, and forums, has meticulously crafted a new definition of nursing that reflects the evolving nature of this vital profession. This definition acknowledges the profound changes that have taken place in the world of healthcare over the past 20 years.



Nursing is a safety-critical profession founded on four pillars: clinical practice, education, research, and leadership. 

Registered nurses use evidence-based knowledge, professional and clinical judgement to assess, plan, implement and evaluate high-quality person-centred nursing care.

The work of registered nurses consists of many specialised and complex interventions. Their vigilance is critical to the safety of people, the prevention of avoidable harm and the management of risks regardless of the location or situation

Compassionate leadership is central to the provision and co-ordination of nursing care and informed by its values, integrity and professional knowledge. Responsibility includes leading the integration of emotional, physical, organisational, and cognitive nursing work to meet the needs of people, organisations, systems, and populations.

Registered nurses are decision makers. They use clinical judgement and problem-solving skills to manage and co-ordinate the complexity of health and social care systems to ensure people and their families are enabled to improve, maintain, or recover health by adapting, coping, and returning to live lives of the best quality or to experience a dignified death. They have high levels of autonomy within nursing and multi-professional teams, and they delegate to others in line with the NMC code.”


**Exciting Developments**


In addition to the new definition, the RCN has exciting plans for the end of this year. They are set to launch a new digital resource that will bring together the definition, the guiding principles, and a comprehensive career framework. This resource will be an invaluable tool for nursing professionals, educators, and anyone interested in understanding the dynamic world of nursing.

Fun Fact: On This Day in History - 1955


On September 22, 1955, a significant milestone in the world of television occurred in the UK. The first independent TV channel, known as the Independent Television Authority (ITA), made its debut. Unlike government-funded channels, ITA was supported by advertisements, marking a groundbreaking shift in television broadcasting.

The inaugural broadcast featured live coverage of a ceremony at the Guildhall, signaling the start of Britain’s first commercially funded television station. Advertisements for products like “Gibbs SR toothpaste,” Cadbury’s chocolate, and Esso petrol were among the first to grace the airwaves. While initially limited to the London viewing area, the concept would soon spread to other regions of the country, forever changing the way we consume television.

Latest Job Opportunities

– 2 x full time community nurses required in South Port.
– 1 x full time community nurse required in Chester.

I mention the refer a friend scheme in every newsletter but your help really is appreciated and I thank all the nurses that have helped up to now it really is appreciated. Here is a little reminder of what you can earn after your referral can earn you after completing 3 shifts with us.

 – £300 for referring a full-time candidate.

– £200 for referring a part-time candidate.

– £100 for referring a flexible worker.

Your assistance in finding dedicated nurses to join our community is greatly appreciated. We need your help to expand our team and provide exceptional care to even more individuals.  For any other jobs please visit our latest jobs page.

Thank you for being a part of our newsletter community. We look forward to bringing you more insightful content and job opportunities in the coming weeks.



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