Nursing and professional development is a lifelong process; and looking at the constant changes, new methods and clinical skills are imperative to keep up to date with current practices and profession regulations.

Over the years I have signed up and registered to many online journals and read many academic reports. Although these papers and journals are extremely helpful and offer invaluable research, trawling through the internet looking at expensive subscriptions can be very time-consuming.

Nurses are inspired by nurses – and I feel nursing blogs do not get the credit they deserve. What is more appropriate and personal than actually reading a piece of writing that you can relate to? Blogging provides an amazing platform to publish and share experiences and professional advice. When looking for a blogger, always focus on the following:

Credentials of the writer

Looking at the credentials of the writer will help you decide, are they trustworthy? And, more importantly, do they have experience in the area they are writing about?  If you find an accountant blogging about heart disease, then we potentially have an issue.

Area of specialty

The internet provides us with an endless supply of bloggers, whether you are a community nurse or a diabetic specialist nurse, there will be bloggers for you.

Range of topics

Before subscribing look at the range of topics. Does the writer generally talk about the same things? The purpose of finding a good blog is to try and get as much information as possible from one place.


After finding a good writer, we do not want to find out they are only blogging every 6 months. It is important to initially find one with plenty of material to keep you engaged.

Check out some of my favourite blogs from the links below…

The Nerdy Nurse

This is still one of my favourites and one I have been following since it was first established in 2010. The Nerdy Nurse is directed at all healthcare professionals along with the general public and covers areas from healthcare to lifestyle topics.

Nurse Buff

Nurses need a pinch of humor at times, and this is where Nurse Buff comes in to play. Covering all specialisms of nursing, lifehacks, skills, and even what are the best nursing shoes. I can honestly say after feeling deflated following a bad shift, this is the place to turn.

Diary of a Nurse

Claire Carmichael has shared her journey from student to qualified nurse, working within a GP setting. The blog itself does hold some good pieces of writing, however, these can be few and far between. The photo content section is exceptional, though some may find it a little graphic.

Nurse Power!

Donna Cardillo empowers nurses all over the world. She does this by traveling around gaining insights and supporting individuals to meet their full potential. The blog itself holds a wealth of invaluable information from guest speakers to nurse entrepreneurs. Incredibly, Donna has been named twice as Businesswoman of the Year, along with winning an International Leadership award for women.

Diversity Nursing Blog

This Nursing blog was established in 2007 initially focusing on Jobs Boards and Nursing recruitment. As the blog grew it became increasingly valued due to its dedication in regards to culture and diversity. Diversity in Healthcare is growing and evolving all the time with Health Care professionals, patients, and their families.