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According to recent research, the importance of the relationships between young mental health patients and the nurses looking after them has been overlooked.

A study of eight young people, eight mental health nursing staff and eight family members, conducted by psychologists from The University of Manchester and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust found that the professional connection between a clinician and a patient—known as a therapeutic relationship—can help improve outcomes for mental health patients.

However, the study highlights how nursing staff sometimes do not have the time or support to develop therapeutic relationships with their patients.

As a result, the researchers urged the employment of adequate staff numbers, focused training, and time in cultivating connections between nursing staff and their patients.

The young people who took part in the study, are all based within child and adolescent mental health service across four sites in the UK. They said that they believe their relationships with nursing staff could impact on their progress through treatment.

“This research underlines the established point that therapeutic relationships between patients and staff are just as important as the specific treatment they are receiving, if not more so,” – Dr. Sam Hartley, an honorary clinical lecturer at The University of Manchester and Principal Clinical Psychologist with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

We work with dozens of clients within the mental health nursing industry, and a common theme for them all is staff shortages. It is a case of injustice for all three parties, the patients, nurses, and Trusts, that there simply is not enough staff to give and receive the care that is deserved and needed.

We are working extremely hard to alleviate some of the stresses that staff shortages create, by sourcing the highest calibre of mental health practitioners to supply to the Trusts in need.

If you are a mental health practitioner looking for your next opportunity, we have dozens of them here at Bluestones Medical for you.

If you would like to get in touch with the team about our current roles, please drop them an email at or give them a call on 01244 555 020

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