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Hi, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Amanda and I have been qualified as a nurse since 1998. I currently work part-time in the NHS as a Home Oxygen Assessment Specialist Nurse and I work part-time for Bluestones Medical agency. I am married with one child, a 4 year old son called Alfie who is my world, and my life at present revolves around him. I love reading; my friends call me a bookworm, in fact on holiday I read about 10 books in 1 week. I also have interests such as aerobics and going to the gym. I am a hard worker, and I love nursing and caring for people. I always like to be treat people as I would like to be treated. I have a gregarious, kind nature, but I can sometimes worry about the smallest of things.

I have done agency work for over 10 years now, both in the healthcare setting and in the NHS.  Initially the agency pay attracted me to become an agency nurse but now I enjoy the flexibility it gives. I feel that when I do my agency work I can start each shift as a new day or night and give the best I can on that shift. I also love the feedback I get from patients and staff. Sometime things can frustrate me on an agency shift such as negative feeling from other staff members (although this is not all the time). Also you may get moved to a different area from where you originally booked for and although I understand this is part of being flexible, the frustrating part is that you may be an hour into the shift.

Bluestones Medical for me has changed my life; they have a competitive pay rate which has improved my quality of life. All the staff are friendly and approachable if you have a problem and they always endeavour to match my shift requests. Working for an agency has given me confidence and has shown me how important it is to work as a team.

The best advice I can offer any nurse or healthcare support worker considering agency work, is they would need to be flexible and to go and get some experience in the healthcare world. And whenever I go into a new setting I always have set questions to ask the person in charge. Never be afraid to ask!

At present, I am happy with my current job position but I would like to do more studying around respiratory medicine and will consider doing my nursing degree in the future.

Amanda JM
Home Oxygen Assessment Specialist Nurse

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