Well, we have been thundering through November and with the weather changing so much this month – it is lucky the lads decided to invest in growing some upper lip warmth!

Niall kicked and screamed his way through having to do this, “reluctant” wasn’t the word, but he is a trooper overall and he’s very surprised at his facial hair efforts – not too shabby! Jon on the other hand and really thrown himself into this challenge with even talk of a beard and grooming kits being now mentioned. Let’s just say it has definitely grown on him!! And then we have Scott, who as the newest male member of the team, did the right thing and didn’t shame the other lads by ensuring his follicle efforts never outshined the longstanding gentleman of the room – well played Sir, well played.

Then we have Ossy and being the alpha male of the group went all out and shown the power of his manly-ness that would put even Ron Burgundy to shame. Stay Classy Medical.

Jon Movember
Niall Movember
Scott Movember
Ossy Movember